4 Tips To Achieve The Flattest Abdomen


A flat and sexy stomach is what most of covet and it requires a lot of control over what you eat to a bunch of exercise routines. A cleaner diet will surely help you achieve a flat abdomen worth a thousand envies!

Here Are a Few Tips To Achieve That Goal:

  • Start with a series of sits ups that targets the mid section of your body. In order to have that sculpted abdomen, you need to start exercising by doing sit ups and pair it with 30 to 60 minutes of cardio about 6 times a week.
  • Try the hip dip plank where you tuck the right knee towards the chest and rotate the waist. You should have the right hip and the thigh face the ground. Keep lowering your body and then extend the right leg as much as possible. You should do about 30 on each leg 6 times a week.
  • The diagonal pike legs are the sure shot way to firm up the abdomen. You should lie face up on the floor and join the legs together. Try rotating the hips and raise the legs together at a diagonal. Keep doing this for both sides at least 30 times on each side.
  • Try the inner thigh crunches when you lie down with the face up. Spread the legs apart and point each toe outwards. Let the hands rest at the back of the head. Rotate each leg and raise it with the toe facing outwards. Do this on both sides. Repeat this for 30 times at least 6 times each week

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