5 High-Fat Foods You Should Avoid


Some of the most tasty foods that we love munching on are fattening foods. Such a shame! According to the new Gallup survey published on the 12th of Feb 2016, the obesity rate among adults surged in 2015 to a new high of 28 percent or a 2.5 percentage point increase since 2008.

Source: http://www.dailynewsx.com/news/life-style-news/americas-obesity-rate-just-surged-to-a-new-high-25359.html The goal of your life should be, “eat healthy and stay fit.” Stop eating these 5 high-fat foods now! avoid.

1. Fast Foods

Due to our daily busy schedule, we depend on hot dogs, burgers, French fries and fried chicken. These monsters contain high amount of trans fat and should be stopped consuming.

2. Frozen Meals

Buying frozen meals is a great way to escape the task of cooking. But, do you know the frozen meals are mostly processed with large amounts of salt and fats. Why not strike them out of your list and prepare a good meal for dinner and eat healthy.

3. Cream Based Salad Dressings

Eating a bowl of salad is healthy, but the moment it is mixed up with cream based salad dressings and sauces, the true nutritional value of the salad disappears. Avoid using salad dressings and munch on green salad mixing it up with a pinch of salt and pepper powder.

4. Donuts

Stop eating donuts! Do you know why? A donut of 4 inches across contains about 225 calories (Source: http://www.livestrong.com/article/277814-how-many-calories-does-a-glazed-donut-have/). It might taste great, but consuming even one of them daily risks your health and leads to gaining excessive weight.

5. Microwave Popcorn

Popcorns are healthy to consume, but not the ones that are prepared in the microwave. Microwaveable popcorns contain trans fat and should be struck out from your diet plan. To know more about health tips, log on to www.bodytoolsnutrition.com We offer you a wide range of fat burner supplements that will help you in burn excess fat and stay fit.