5 Tips for Flat Abs


Want to say hello to skinny jeans and crop tops? Envy your friend’s washboard abs? Are you looking for less-painful ways to get such amazing abs? If yes, then this is the right article for you. Over here, we have discussed 5 great tips that will help you to shrink your tummy and shed those extra pounds across your waistline. If you want to know how then read on:

Lower your Sugar Intake

The first step for achieving fab-abs is – banish sugar from your diet. You can eat as close to zero gram of sugar per day. Higher insulin levels slow down your metabolism, so it becomes difficult for you to burn those calories. Cutting down sugar intake will help you to keep your body insulin levels low and higher up the glucagon levels. Glucagon is a hormone that kills belly fat. So, a higher level of glucagon will help you to achieve your dreams of flat-abs faster.

Go for Ab crunches and ball exercise

Lay flat on your back. Keep your arms above your head while holding the ball. Now bring the ball above your chest and at the same time, bring your knees up to meet the ball. Then bring the ball back to floor and repeat. Also, you can try different types of crunches for your belly- you can try reverse crunches, side-to side movement or twists. This will challenge you belly fat and help you define your abs.

5 tips for flat abs

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Go for Cardio

If you want to burn your belly fat fast, then keep cardio in your daily routine. Doing aerobic exercise is the most effective way to burn your fat. According to a study conducted by the Duke University, aerobic exercise burns 67% more calories when compared to resistant training.

Add more Fiber and whole grains in your Diet

The more you eat fiber, the less it adds fat to your belly. According to a study conducted by the Penn State University people who ate whole grain, instead of refined grains, lost more fat from their belly area.

Get adequate Sleep

Lack of proper sleep slowdowns your metabolism and increases the chances of acquiring fat cells around your tummy. So, hit the snooze button and get your body adequate sleep.
These tips will help you to shed those extra fats and get fabulous abs. You can check our product ranges for getting a proper supplement for abs workout. Select from our whole range of supplements for burning your tummy fat.