8 Pointers You Should Keep in Mind When Designing Your Pre-workout Meal


Heading to the gym? What have you eaten as a pre-workout meal? When you work out, your muscles will suffer considerable stress, which needs to be countered with the right nutrients in the right combinations. Naturally, your pre-workout meal needs to provide for all that.

Here are 8 Tips To Improve That Meal, So That You Get Maximum Benefits Out Of Workout Sessions:

1. Reduce fat: While some fat is necessary for your body, it also slows down the digestion process. Having it right before a workout is not a good idea because this is when you need energy quickly.

2. Reduce fibre: Once again, while this nutrient is extremely important for peristalsis, it slows down the whole digestion process. As such, you need to avoid having too much of fibre in your pre-workout meal.

3. Add protein: Ideally, your pre-workout meal should contain no less than 30 grams of protein. This protein will break down into amino acids, reduce the stress on muscles and accelerate post-workout recovery cycle.

4. Toss in a probiotic: These pre-workout bodybuilding supplements can help you to quickly digest whatever you eat, so that the energy from foods is released faster. This might give you just the boost you need to avoid that mid-workout fatigue.

5. Add simple carbs: Sure, whole grain brown breads might be healthy for you, but skip these before a workout. Instead, add white bread, white rice, or even juices and fruits, to supply your body with quick digesting carbs, which can be quickly broken down to release energy.

6. Swallow an ALA capsule: Alpha Lipolic Acid (ALA) helps in improving your body’s insulin sensitivity. This, in turn, ensures that the energy from foods is sent to your muscles quickly. Ideally, take 100-300 mg of ALA with your pre-workout meal.

7. Have a small meal if necessary: If you feel pukish after having a large meal, go for a small one. A banana and a scoop of protein powder of your choice can get the job done in a pinch.

8. Wait for a while after eating: If you are simply having a small meal (banana + protein powder), hit the gym after 30 minutes. However, if you have a larger meal, then be sure to wait for 90 minutes before you start your workout. That way, your body will have plenty of time to break the food down to release nutrients and energy.

Take your pre-workout meal as seriously as your post-workout diet. That way, your muscles will get the right nutrients at the right times, and recover faster from workout stress as well.