The Safest Muscle Building Workout for Beginners


So, you are planning to hit the gym for the first time. Good for you! You are about to take the first and most important step towards beefing up and building muscles that become the cause for others’ envy. However, in order to gain maximum benefits from your workout, you need to start off the right way. Here are some tried and tested tips to help you out.

1. Train frequently

You need to train as many times as you possibly can throughout the week – without over-stressing your muscles, of course. Ideally, you should hit the gym 3 times a week; every alternate day, that is. Your muscles will respond better to workout when you do it repeatedly.

2. Work your entire body

Try a workout routine that works every major muscle group of your body. That way, you may not grow huge muscles within a few weeks (that comes later), but your body will lose all its extra fat. Your muscles will also tone up beautifully, so that they can take the higher stress as you progress towards advanced workouts.

3. Keep the intensity low

Do not repeat the same workouts too many times. Your muscles need to rest more during the first few weeks. Avoid doing more than 3-4 reps on any workout during the first few weeks.

4. Stick to the basics

True, sticking to the same workout routine every time you hit the gym will be boring, especially when you see experienced bodybuilders perform different workouts around you all the time. But do it. Your muscles need to develop a bit before you can try those workouts.

5. Develop a routine and follow it consistently

Face it – you are not knowledgeable yet about how your muscles will respond to different workouts. So, for the first few weeks, steer clear of any experimentation with routines and turn a deaf ear to broscience (facts that other bodybuilders share with you). Remember, what worked for them may actually harm you. As time progresses, you will understand more about your body and will be able to incorporate new exercises in your workout routine without sustaining injuries.

6. Take care of your pre-workout meal

Be sure to have a healthy meal before your workout sessions. Apart from fast digesting carbs and simple proteins, add a couple of muscle building supplements as well. Alpha Lipolic Acid, multivitamins and probiotics are especially helpful in ensuring your nutrition levels are up to the mark for gaining maximum benefits from your workouts.

So, go ahead, build a body that even the Greek Gods would envy. Start right, and you will prep yourself for the long run, in the right way.